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Dear Prospective RingMember,

WELCOME, Y MABUHAY! to the Home Page for our delightful webrings! Come on in, and make yourself at home. I am Karen Cole, Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc. If you have any questions or concerns about us, please write to our e-mail address down below. Our primary website for GWI is at . If you have any questions not related to WebRing, please click on this doggy link:


BUT if you simply want to peruse and perhaps join any of our listed webrings, please click on this spider icon -- right below here:

You must follow the simple procedures for joining WebRing to apply for membership in our webrings. Joining WebRing is done at and membership is completely for free. Rule #1, once you've joined, is you must get a copy of the SSNB code. If you have not already placed the SSNB code for WebRing in general within the home (first) page of your joining URL, please get a copy of it and do so before joining any of our webrings (if you can do it that way--please see the next paragraph.) We cannot accept you for membership unless your website has a Pass rating--no Pass-Ls or Fails will be accepted. If you properly install the code, you will definitely Pass.

A tip about procuring the SSNB code: try applying to join one of our webrings, and then you can access a way to get a copy of the SSNB code from there. WHAT YOU REALLY SHOULD DO: APPLY TO JOIN A WEBRING, THEN IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS PLACE THE CODE INTO YOUR FIRST, JOINING WEBPAGE!!! All you need to do is apply and then you can get the code. What to do:

1) Go to the webring you just tried to join's hub page (the page where you clicked "Join This Ring" in the upper right hand corner, if that's how you joined the ring) or in other words the main page of the ring, and click on your website's title on the left hand side of the hub page.

2) You will be on another page. Click on the phrase "Get Navigation Code" on the left hand side of that page. You will be on another page which shows you the SSNB code for the webring you are joining.

3) Don't be afraid of the code. It's easy to copy and paste it whole and insert it into a clear area of your website. You just insert it into your website's joining page's HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code.

4) Make sure you do not alter the SSNB code in any way. If you prefer, you can use and even slightly alter the HTML version of the ring's code, which you can find further down on the SSNB code page. But if you use the HTML code and insert that, although you may alter that one if you know what you are doing, it will permanently display only the navbar for that ring, and you will have code that works ONLY for that particular webring. The SSNB code, although slightly different for each webring (you must use the SSNB code for the ring you're joining, not the one for some other ring) is good for all other webrings that you join subsequently. You only have to insert one copy of it. But the HTML code for a ring is completely different for each webring. You have to insert a different one for each ring.

5) The terms "webring" and "ring" are as interchangeable as the terms "site" and "website." Don't worry about that at all. And a "navbar" is short for "navigation bar." That's the main item at WebRing that tells people who visit your site that you are a member and that they can visit the related to your topic rings from your site.

Once you have placed one copy of the SSNB code within the HTML code of your joining website (and it must be on the exact URL page you're joining with) you may join almost any webring or any number of webrings in WebRing. You only need to put in the SSNB code once--not once per each webring you join. Please join each ring through its underlined link further down this page -- the navbar below shows a sample webring that you may or may not be able to join, so you can see one:


This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here.

Through this page, you may connect to each of the Ghost Writer, Inc. webrings. Simply click on the listed title to join. But please, make sure you put in a copy of the SSNB code before, when, or after you join. Remember, you only need one copy of the SSNB code to join as many rings as you'd like, and membership is both indefinite and free.

Here is a complete, linked list of our current webrings. We should mention that at this point in time we DO host all of these webrings. Just click on the title of any webring that you wish to join:






We at Ghost Writer, Inc. suggest you look into joining several or all of our webrings. You may qualify for membership in any of them. Please join us soon; we'll be very glad to have you.

When a webring has a navbar (navigation bar) that you particularly like, you may use the HTML (graphics) version of it. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can get the SSNB code. Then click on the link taking you to the HTML version of the code. This is specific to each webring, and you must do this for each webring you join if you want to permanently display that particular webring's navbar. It won't work for other webrings, like the SSNB code does. Use the HTML code if you like a particular navbar only. But you may permanently place more than one such navbar on your joining page. REMEMBER TO PLACE ALL YOUR WEBRING CODES ON THE JOINING PAGE OF YOUR JOINING WEBSITE!!! This is very important to keep from getting a Pass-L or Fail rating for your website. You will always want a full Pass rating. We suggest also using the SSNB code, and putting it on your home (joining) page, even if you use the HTML version of a particular webring's code. Remember, the SSNB code for any ring being inserted just that one time enables you to join almost any WebRing ring, at least if that ring's RingMaster accepts you for membership. And if your website pertains to the subject of the ring you're joining, you'll be welcomed in.

Please write to me or WebRing Support if you have any further questions or concerns. And don't forget to visit the Ghost Writer, Inc. website for some fabulous deals on freelance or contracted writing, editing, copy editing, copy writing, ghost writing, graphics design, Internet marketing, publishing assistance, and ultra-cheap dedicated web hosting and website design.

Contact us to have a FREE five-page representative sample of the work you need performed for you, done on any manuscript or document. We also will analyze the first 20 pages of your book manuscript completely for free. Just click on the brown e-mail link below. And don't forget to have a nice day!


With the Warmest Regards,

Karen Cole

Executive Director

Ghost Writer, Inc.


Please visit our website at for more info about Ghost Writer, Inc. We perform affordable, inexpensive freelance copy writing, ghostwriting, copy editing, proofreading, analysis and full professional formatting for books, memoirs and screenplays, and we do many other writing-related services for reasonable prices. We also offer a links exchange service and many other pro services such as graphics and photography, literary agency, marketing, sales, promotions, publishing and/or optioning assistance. We may even be able to arrange a TV show, film, video or movie to be made from your book, and/or we can arrange professional services that present and pitch your work to major TV and film industry executives, too!

I have won awards for my journalism, poetry, short stories and articles. I am multiply published and have had my own novellas, short stories and articles published. I am currently working on “The Rainbow Horizon,” a humorous fiction novel set in a small town in Washington State. I have contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as a multitude of online publications.

I am always on the lookout for new projects and first time clients.








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